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Ginger Black Tea No sugar for your healthy life Taiwan ginger Taiwan black tea Eco-friendly

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Ginger Black Tea
The health-boosting elements are contained in ginger black tea to help to a healthy life.  

100% Taiwan Local natural farming, in clean natural environment, using organic fertilizer or non-fertilizer, no use of pesticide and herbicide.  
For health:
The perfect fusion between black tea and Ginger that have the wellness compounds
Black tea contains certain types of polyphenols, theaflavins and thearubigins are black tea specific antioxidants.
Ginger have gingerol, calcium, fiber, magnesium, and Vitamin C in addition to, there are more than 100 known compounds contribute to ability to uplift wellness.
The ginger black tea contributes to improve focus, relieve stress and tension, relax the state of mind, and speed up the metabolism, promote smooth bowel movement, and warm the stomach.
The ginger black tea has less calories to be a good drink in weight control period.
In certain period to add the brown sugar in ginger black tea is a good choice for female.
The aroma and taste of Taiwan local ginger are better than other gingers.
The combination of Taiwan local ginger and Taiwan small-leaf black tea in perfect proportions. The flavors are perfect and balance without pungent, not spicy, and not astringent. when you brew it for a long time, it still tastes very smooth and not spicy at all.

Net weights:2 g x 10 pcs / box
Ingredient:Crushed ginger and black tea
Appearance:Tea bag
Storage:Store in a dry and cool place.

All teas:using organic fertilizer, no use of pesticide and herbicide.

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